Introduction of the CC ROBOFLEX in Celje, Slovenia

New Regional Competence Center for Collaborative Robot Applications

Public introduction on 26th of November 2017

The Competence Center ROBOFLEX (CC ROBOFLEX) is a long-term industry development consortium, established by TCS – Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia and industry partners (system integrators and ICT partners) in March 2017 in Celje, Slovenia. CC ROBOFLEX is the HORSE Project  4th Competence Center and part of the initial network of a European network of competence centers on robotics.  CC ROBOFLEX will operate as the regional digital innovation hub (DIH) on robotics for the flexible, cognitive robotics for manufacturing SMEs.

CC ROBOFLEX partners are industrial partners operating as automation and robotics systems integrators, providers of cloud computing and cyber-physical systems, as well as industrial engineering service providers for the needs of manufacturing SMEs and their innovation ecosystems.

CC ROBOFLEX is a networked organization embedded in the regional and EU innovation ecosystem to support robotization and digitalization innovation processes and related markets in the region 

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