Peter Hofbauer

Dr. Peter Hofbauer

Address: Vienna, Austria
 Born in Vienna
 Austrian
Mother language Viennese
Native language German
Second language English (fluent)
1972 Graduation (Dr. phil.)
University of Vienna, Technical University of Vienna
 Mathematics, Physics, Information Processing, Mathematical Logistic
 Major Focus: Numerical Mathematics, Graph Theory and Theory of Modeling
1972 – 1983
Siemens Munich and Vienna
 Project management
 Line management
 Marketing, sales and consulting for customers in Central and East Europe (utilities and cross industry)
 Methods for construction of buildings
 Simulation of mine air flow
 Network analysis and simulation
 Power plant optimization
 Complex underground simulation (electric, mechanic, transport)

1982 – 1985
TGM Vienna
 Professor for Mathematics, Operation Research and Information Processing
 Development of the communication lab in company with the “Institute of Information Processing” in Graz (Prof. Maurer).
1987 – 2002
Technical University of Vienna
 Visiting Professor for Operations Research at the department of Prof. Feichtinger.
1988 – 1991
USA (Dallas Texas)
 General Management of international operations (USA, Central and East Europe, Middle East).
 Marketing and sales of CBT labs worldwide
 Development of 2000 hours courses “Computer Science” in company with the University of Texas at Dallas (Prof. Makedon) and additional 50 Universities worldwide
 Marketing and sales of Network Simulation Systems (electric, water)
2004-today Europe and USA
 Sophisticated Models for Supply Chain Collaboration
 Architecture and design of an “Advanced Collaboration Platform – ACP”
 Managing a global organization for marketing of ACP Solution
 Member of the Board of ITA – Automotive Service Partner
1983 – 1996
Consultant for Management and Information Processing
 Coaching in communications and management
 Network analysis
 Simulation and optimization
 Modeling and forecast
 Financial engineering
 Communication and multimedia
 Marketing
Focused on Strategic Consulting, Business Process Architecture, Programme Management, Business Intelligence, Web Services and e-Commerce, Collaboration
 Strategic Consulting
 Restructuring and clean up of projects, departments and companies
 Business Process optimization, development and implementation
 Programme Management
 Management of complex projects
 Change management
 Workshops and seminars
 Research on Enterprise Interoperability
 Research on Enterprise Collaboration Models
 Business Intelligence design
 b2b and e2e strategies and architectures