Klaus Pannenbaecker


Diploma as Engineer of Electrotechnology and Industrial Engineering

 Managing Director and Owner of “GABO Anlagentechnik und Prozeßmanagement GmbH” (GABO Plant Engineering and Project Management) in Erlangen/Germany. The main responsibilities include technical-organisational consulting and engineering in industrial plants, especially all types of power plants, and project management training, coaching and implementation in plant industries, factories and public administration. GABO was sold in 2002.

 Main qualifications

 Project Manager with Siemens – Power Generation (former KWU) for fossil and nuclear power plants inGermany,Brazil,Spain and Iran (1959 to 1981). Key founder and developer of KKS (Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System, Din EN 7669) for technical-organisational structures of technical systems, aggregates, components/equipment, buildings of mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation & control.

  • Project Management Trainer in about 120 seminars with more than 5800 participants in Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Tschech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Hungaria, Iceland, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa as well as Certification Assessor in most of these countries (1983 till today).Initiator and Project Manager of the German Project Management Qualification and the IPMA Four-Level-Certification Programmes, which is now (2010) implemented as 4-L-C in 48 Countries with more than 180.000 certificated PM responsibles.
  • First Foreign Assessor in Slovenia, Croatia, Iceland, Egypt, Russia, Ukrainian, South Africa, India and Bangladesh.
  • Docent and tutor of Project and Process Management at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm,Hannoverand Göttingen.


  • Further Development of social PM Elements to extend the existing 4-L-C of IPMA.
  • Implementation of Blended Learning for mainly Managers which have no time to betrained traditionally.
  • Development and Implemenation of PM Competencies alternativly with Blended Learning and followed with direct transfer in actual projects. 
  • Development of new education and training methods of PM Supporters.


  • Education, Training, Consulting and Coaching of applied Project Management
  • Certification of PM personelle, leaders and supprters


  • Assessor  in Germany mith GPM, the German IPMA Member Association
  • Member of the GPM Advisory Board (Kuratorium)
  • Advisor of PM World Journal