Portfolio of 3L Open Innovation Collaboration Platforms

INTESO Group ICT Virtual Laboratory - INTE-GRO ICT lab

ICT Virtual Open Innovation & Prototyping Laboratory Organized and Coordinated by the INTESO Solutions and Collaborative Partners

International Open CRI Program Smart Machines & Systems

International collaborative open research and innovation (CRI) program "Smart Machines & Systems" (SM&S)

Competence Centre ROBOFLEX Slovenia - Technology Collaboration Platform / Partnerska platforma tehnološkega sodelovanja

Technology Collaboration Platform of the Competence Center for Robotics ROBOFLEX Slovenia - Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia with LENS Living Lab (Development Phase)

AALaseR - Collaboration Platform for KET's Industry Applications


LogDyn - Technology Platform for Logistics of Virtual Value Chains

An open innovation and technology collaboration platform designed to support the development of innovative technical and non-technical solutions for the needs of emerging virtual value chain logistics of the Industry 4.0

EnergyMAN - Platform for Entrepreneurial Collaborative Initiatives

Platforma partnerskega sodelovanja za podporo razvoja skupnih podjetniških iniciativ

KM FEST Global Collaboration Platform

A global professional community of the knowledge management festivals organizers

ICA - International Collaborative Academy

Collaborative virtual organization for partnering on development and performing of innovative education and training services

LENS Living Lab Governance & Standards

LENS Living Lab is an international industry driven open research and innovation - virtual community, organized in a portfolio of different collaboration platforms