What is Professional Virtual Community (PVC) ?

PVC represents the combination of concepts of virtual community and professional community. Virtual communities are defined as social systems of networks of individuals, who use computer technologies to mediate their relationships. Professional communities provide environments for professionals to share the body of knowledge of their professions such as similar working cultures, problem perceptions, problem-solving techniques, professional values, and professional behavior (ECOLEAD, 2005).

 LENS Living Lab PVC and RICs

 3L PVC is a global meta-network represented by cluster of open research and innovation communities (RICs). RICs are open international groups of  researchers, experts, advanced users, techno-entrepreneurs and others who are sharing the same interests and visions in the identified areas of research and innovation. 

 LENS Living Lab RIC’s Hexagram       


                                   3L Pentagram


LENS Living Lab Governance & Coordination

3L_Gov_2015 A